SnoShark® The SNO Tool Reinvented

  • Telescoping handle extends to two locking positions
  • Flip over for ice scraper mode
  • Folds down for compact car storage
  • Comes with car storage bag to keep your car clean and dry

SnoShark®-SnoShark®-Standard Size 39" | COMBO PACK with Storage Bag

SnoShark®-SnoShark®-Standard Size 39" | COMBO PACK with Storage Bag

Successfully funded on Kickstarter. SnoShark is NOT your standard snow removal tool. PRODUCT FEATURES Heavy duty, durable product with high grade, zinc alloy and stainless steel parts to endure
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My wife used the scraper to take about 2" of ice off her windshield today she's said it's the easiest, best tool shed ever had!

David S. 

SnoShark helps to speed up my mornings, ensuring that I make it for first chair on those powder days.

The expandable handle, large surface area, and scratch proof material helps me reach all corners of my truck quickly knowing that I won't scratch or dent the car!

Travis Ganong

Olympian & US Ski Team Member

Thank you for the SnoShark! 4' last night and it ate it up like a knife in butter, my wife has the warm garage but now I'm ready for the next storms, bring it.

Kenneth W.