The Last Snow Tool You'll Ever Need to Buy!

Get on the road faster!

Why SnoShark?

 One word... convenience. SnoShark is the only snow removal tool on the market that extends to two locking positions for easy cleaning yet collapses down to a compact size for convenient storage. 

Smart. Sleek. Sophisticated.

The first truly compact and collapsible snow and ice removal tool on the market. Be prepared this winter. 

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  • Compact Design & Carry Bag

    SnoShark sleek and compact design makes it easy and convenient to carry in any vehicle and it comes with it's own carry bag. 

  • Extendable Handle

    The extendable handle makes SnoShark easy to use on a variety of vehicles and get to hard to reach places. Move more snow faster.

  • Lightweight and Non-Abrasive

    SnoShark glides over your car surface like a shark through the ocean - quickly and efficiently. It's lightweight build makes it ideal for extended use.

SnoShark 1-PACK

SnoShark 1-PACK

Regular price $59.99

SnoShark 2-PACK

SnoShark 2-PACK

Sale price $107.98 Regular price $119.98

SnoShark 3-PACK

SnoShark 3-PACK

Sale price $152.97 Regular price $179.97


What is SnoShark?

Great question! SnoShark is a revolutionary snow tool that helps you to get on the road faster. 

Our light weight, non-abrasive paddle with telescoping/collapsible handle allows you to reach and remove snow from the highest points of coupes and sedans (and most SUV's!) with ease.  

Our patent pending push/pull action allows you to 'move' larger amounts of snow in either direction making snow removal faster & easier than ever before.  

How does SnoShark Work?

No more awkwardly long handles and back breaking, bulky tools that must be stored in your trunk or garage. SnoShark is intended to be stored in the passenger or back seat for easier access. It’s a must-have auto accessory! 

Simply push the blue button on the back side of the paddle and rotate until it snaps automatically into it’s open position.  Push the blue button on the bottom of the handle and extend the pole into one of two desired pole lengths.  It’s that easy! 
When done, collapse the handle, return the paddle to it’s locked position and store in the custom waterproof storage bag included with your purchase.

The foam bootie attached to the bottom of paddle is an added protection ensuring a scratch free experience.  Please keep the bootie attached at all times. 

How do I scrape ice with SnoShark?

To use as an Ice Scraper just flip the paddle over, collapse the handle, for better torque, and use the scraper side to remove ice from your windshield with ease. 

Is SnoShark an Ice Breaker?

SnoShark is not designed or intended to be an ice breaker. It is an ice scraper only.

Is SnoShark only for cars?

SnoShark is also perfect for chair lifts, gondolas, hot tubs, solar panels, awnings and much more.