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Necessity is the mother of invention.

And, necessity is where the SnoShark story began. 

Lake Tahoe snow is no joke. After 15 years of struggling with different snow tools, we finally gave up. There just wasn't anything on the market that was compact, light weight, and removed snow quickly and easily.

So we did what any entrepreneur would do, we made our own! Modeled off the way a shark cuts through water, the SnoShark is a non-abrasive tool that's not only more effective at its job than anything else we've found, but it's also compact, lightweight, upscale, and sleek.

 Spend less time out in the cold, and get yourself on the road!

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We are a family owned business right here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. We take great pride in SnoShark and the help it will provide you this winter. We are forever grateful to the support of everyone who has made this product possible. 

Owners - Steve & Lori


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