Official Press Release - October 18, 2018

Official Press Release - October 18, 2018

October 19, 2018

SnoShark, Inc. Announces Breakthrough Snow Removal Tool W/ Proceeds Benefiting Wounded Athletes

Innovative Snow Removal Tool to Launch with a Worldwide Kickstarter Campaign


LAKE TAHOE, Nev., Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SnoShark, Inc. proudly announces the next great invention in snow tools – the SnoShark®. SnoShark is a hand held, non-abrasive snow removal tool that is not only more effective at its job than its predecessors due to its patent pending design, but is also compact and lightweight at just one and a half pounds. SnoShark provides a quick & convenient solution to solve the everyday problems facing residents of the snow.

After three years of development, SnoShark's designers bring you a giant leap forward for 'snow-kind'. SnoShark was specifically designed to remove snow from vehicles more efficiently than any other hand held tool on the market, and in a compact package with its scratch resistant pad, improve the daily lives of those living in or traveling to the snow. Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, SnoShark boasts a number of revolutionary features:

Accessibility: A cascading aluminum pole extends to two locking positions, 29 and 37 inches, so users have options depending on their needs.

Safety: A non-abrasive nylon paddle with a clip-on foam sleeve, for added vehicle protection, will not scratch or damage users' vehicles.

Efficiency: SnoShark's patent-pending push/pull motion and angled paddle allow users to move more snow, faster. A handy add-on is SnoShark's user-friendly ice scraper.

Convenience: With its inventive design, SnoShark collapses down to a compact size for easy storage. A high-quality carry bag, made from recycled plastic, is included with every unit.

On Oct. 25, 2018, SnoShark will be launching on crowd-funding site Kickstarter; starting at reward levels of $40 for the early bird special and offering an exclusive Kickstarter edition with only 100 'Elite' units available. SnoShark founders Stephen & Lori Wood said, "Kickstarter is the ideal platform to launch SnoShark for a variety of reasons but mainly we consider our project a creative initiative as much as a consumer product. The Kickstarter supporter base understands this, they are our biggest fans and we are theirs." Visit SnoShark's Kickstarter page to meet and follow the creators, back their project, and learn more about the product that will help you get on the road faster.

SnoShark is donating a portion of their proceeds from the online sale of every unit to benefit wounded athletes through a partnership with the High Fives Foundation. The High Fives Foundation supports the dreams of outdoor action sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-altering injuries.


With more than a decade of experience in manufacturing, Stephen & Lori Wood founded SnoShark, Inc. in 2018. SnoShark® is a consumer products company focused on providing the most effective and efficient snow removal tools for vehicles.

For more information visit or Follow @snoshark on Instagram.

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Lori Wood

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