Thank You Men's Axis For The Fabulous Write Up!

Thank You Men's Axis For The Fabulous Write Up!

April 24, 2019



Stepping out of your bed in the morning and rushing to work during a blizzard can be a hassle. SnoShark® has found a simple way to remove snow from your car quickly with a non-abrasive snow tool. It is a common occurrence for scratches to occur when people use random objects and even some of the current tools on the market to remove the snow from their car. That's why, SnoShark is your best-bet as it allows you to clear large amounts of snow from your car quickly during a snow storm, and is a great tool to ensure you are driving safely. 


The SnoShark has a long extendable handle, and large surface area for pushing high volumes of snow and scratch proof material on the snow paddle to keep your car safe. I can comfortably say that this tool is great for all outdoor winter activities, and it can even come handy for your home too. 


SnoShark is made from high grade materials including zinc alloy and stainless steel, this snow remover is made to last and is especially well suited to endure the harsh conditions under which it would be used. Aside from the EVA foam sleeve on the paddle to prevent scratching, Snoshark has a super strong nylon paddle with an antifreeze additive to prevent it from breaking in freezing temperatures. The perfectly angled paddle is designed specifically to allow you to remove snow and ice even faster! Snoshark is fully collapsible allowing you to store it in our vehicle for clean and easy access.  

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