The long reaching, heavy duty yet fully collapsible snow removal tool designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. 

Get on the road FASTER!





Winter Just Got Easier! 


SnoShark-XL provides a 15 inch longer reach than our standard version. 


  • Weighing in at just two pounds, SnoShark-XL is a heavy duty and durable tool with high grade aluminum, zinc alloy and stainless steel parts that are built to last.
  • The anti-freeze nylon paddle can withstand severe temperatures and move large amounts of snow faster while the EVA foam pad on the bottom prevents the paddle from scratching your finish.
  • SnoShark-XL extends to two locking positions, 40 & 54 inches for quick & easy cleaning yet collapses down to a compact 24 inches for convenient storage.
  • SnoShark’s patent-pending push/pull motion and angled paddle allow users to move more snow, faster.
  • A handy add-on is SnoShark’s user-friendly and super effective ice scraper
  • This unit can be purchased with and without a storage bag.