Winters in Canada suck! In the fight between person vs the environment, mother nature constantly whoops our butt with everything from heavy snow, to freezing rain to black ice and more. For more than half a century, humans have fought back with redundant Caveman-esque tools to clear away snow and ice from our vehicles with the attempt to keep on living our lives, but not anymore! SnoShark, is more than just an update on the classic snow brush, it is a complete rethinking of what we need to fight back against the cold weather!

Born from the frustration of the plethora of ill-equipped snow removal tools on the market, SnoShark was created with the promise to bring a compact, lightweight, and effective snow removal tool that is quick and easy. In fact, the Kickstarter campaign managed to garner 6 times more than the needed amount to fund the project, so obviously there are other frustrated consumers who are also seeking a better option too!

So, what is the Snoshark? SnoShark, is a non-abrasive snow removal tool that has a two-stage extendable handle to 27″ and 39″ inches that can be collapsed again for convenient storage in the very welcome storage bag that is included. Weighing in at just 2 lbs., the water-resistant design has been carefully engineered to be the most effective tool in clearing snow from any vehicle type.

The real highlight of this product must be the non-abrasive Nylon paddle, it is equipped with a foam sleeve that will not damage glass or the body of your car and features a very convenient ice scarper on the opposite side for those thick ice glazed windshields Winter brings. One thing we appreciate about the paddle is its ability to be angled to 90 degrees and this along with the collapsible handle means this is very appropriate and easy to store in the backseat or trunk of the car.

But, how well does it work? This past month, Toronto was hit with some nasty Winter storms that brought ice and heavy snow, so it gave us the perfect opportunity to put it through its paces. We must admit, this thing is nothing short of miraculous! It cleared inches upon inches of snow off the car aplomb and the ice scraper is probably our new favorite tool in the fight to reclaim our car from becoming an igloo. To put it simply, this product works better than we ever could have imagined.

As Winter fights on, it’s time you equip yourself to be the Winter warrior your family deserves? If so, then you need a SnoShark too!

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